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Video resources for Under Siege! Includes videos requested by readers.

History of the Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida

National Park Service: History on the Castillo de San Marcos (15:48)

Florida Public Archeology Network (FPAN) video on the history of the Castillo de San Marcos (4:36)

Good visuals of the fort and short history of the Castillo (2:40)

Flintlock, Cannon, Musket Balls, Pike, Foods, Turkey Vulture, Swamp, Marsh, Slingshot, Coquina Rock

Firing of a Flintlock

Notice how long it takes to make one shot, the force that pushes back, and the smoke in the air. Imagine the smoke of many shooters. (1:25)

Musket balls

Melting of metal to make musket balls for the matchlock musket. (1:35)

Firing a cannon

Pike fighting/Shield and mace

Demonstration and explanation of using a spear (pike) in battle. Includes use of the shield and mace.  (6:55)

Foods that have crossed cultures

The potato, corn, watermelon and more. (2:06)

Florida Swamp

A fast moving snapshot of a Florida swamp. (1:04)


Video teaching you how to make an old-fashion slingshot (1:44)

Turkey vulture

Local wildlife: The turkey vulture (2:17)

Florida Marsh

Birdseye view of large marsh area (:53)

Coquina: local sedimenatry rock

A close look at coquina rock found along the east coast and used as building material. (1:09)

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