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Welcome to Colonial America: A time of exploration and conquering!

A 2016 American Library BookList preview notable book

Under Siege! Discussion Guide
What is it like to be 13, trapped inside a fort, and surrounded by a superior enemy? Pedro has been told he is too young to fight. But he has skill and a unique knowledge of the land on his side. When the English attack the Castillo de San Marcos fort in the Spanish stronghold of St. Augustine, he and his friend, Miguel, are thrown into an adventure of a lifetime. A naval blockade, an escaped pirate with detailed knowledge of the fort, woods crawling with the enemy, and a fort with critically low ammunition are just some of the challenges ahead. They realize they must sneak behind enemy lines to help or the town will perish.
Based on a true event!

Pedro's first person narrative is the voice of a storyteller, and young history fans will find a satisfactory blend of action and emotion in this believable account of an important event in Florida history. Ages 10-14
Children's Literature

This book includes a historical map of the area, and Gioia gives a rich description of life in Florida during this time period. Each chapter starts with a quotation from Sun Tzu, a real-life Chinese general, philosopher, and military strategist. Full of war, adventure, survival, and loss, this work of historical fiction is appropriate for advanced elementary school readers.
School Library Journal

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