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Historical and Siege maps of Florida

Lines of Action, 1702 siege, St. Augustine

Advance Map (pg. 6),The Siege of St. Augustine in 1702, Charles W. Arnade

New France, La Florida, and the English Colonies, 1702

Political map showing the land divided by countries

1702 map of New France, La Florida

New Spain and La Florida, 1702

Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France : la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline, Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvelle Yorck, l'Isle de Terre Neuve, la Louisiane, et le cours de la riviere de Misisipi. State Library of Florida, Florida Map Collection, HISTORIC ERA 18TH CENTURY 0002



1702 map of La Florida

Paris : Chez l'auteur dans l'Isle du Palais sur le quay de l'Orloge a la sphere royale avec privil du roy, 1702.State Library of Florida, Florida Map Collection, HISTORIC ERA 18TH CENTURY 0009

1589 Boazio St. Augustine map

1589- Early drawing of St. Augustine by artist Boazio showing the town with 150 soldiers, an early fort, and church.

Giovanni Baptista Boazio, Saint Augustine Map, 1589

Library of Congress

Boazio, an Italian who worked in London, made maps to illustrate accounts of English expeditions and campaigns. This engraved, hand-colored map or view-plan depicts Sir Francis Drake's attack on Saint Augustine on May 28-29, 1586. Drake captured and burned the fort and town during his Caribbean campaign against Spanish holdings. The map is oriented with north to the right. The town is in the upper left corner of the map and designated by the letter L, which is described in the legend as: “The town of Saint Augustine where dwelled a hundred and fifty Spanish soldiers.” The “town house” (letter M) and church (letter O) are depicted.

A rendition of St. Augustine and the fort in 1733. Notice the area marked "long sandy bay." This permanent barrier, created by ocean currents, kept larger ships from coming closer to the town for fear of getting stuck. 

Town and Harbour of Saint Augustine, 1733

Map of the town and harbor of Saint Augustine. 1733. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 11 Nov. 2016.<>.

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